Have Your Team Sporting New Custom Hockey Jerseys for Their Next Season

If you like wearing your favorite team’s jerseys, you can get custom hockey jerseys in your team’s colors with your own names put on them and look like a pro team wearing NHL replica jerseys while you’re out on the ice.

And all you team coaches out there, your players will feel a lot more important sporting some cool custom hockey jerseys when they skate out onto the ice in front of the opposing team and their parents and friends.

This can be a lot more important if you’re not on a school team and playing instead for a local ice skating rink or township sponsored ice hockey team.

There are a couple of ways to get custom hockey jerseys made for your team. You can start with NHL replica jerseys and have your own numbers, team name and players names added or you can go with what are called “uncrested” hockey jerseys, which are jerseys with no actual NHL team colors or licensed designs.

Obviously price may be a major consideration, especially if you’re a new team just starting out. But there are a few ways you can raise the funds to get some really cool custom hockey jerseys for your team.

Get Sponsors
First, you can find a local sponsor or two and pitch them with the idea of cheap yet widespread advertising. It’s also good PR for the company when they’re seen as sponsoring a local sports team, especially if it’s a youth sport.

Do Fund Raising Activities
The team can do some fund raising stuff like car washes or offer to pass out flyers for a sponsoring team in order to raise some cash themselves or you can ask the parents to chip in a little extra to cover some of the costs of getting custom hockey jerseys for the team.

Uncrested, Plain and Replicas
So what kinds of ice hockey jerseys can you get? Well, you can start with NHL replica jerseys for your team and add your own names and numbers to them. Or most likely if you have a sponsor, you’ll be starting from scratch using what are called “uncrested” jerseys where the designs are set and you pick out your own colors. Or you may start with plain jerseys and add your own designs.

If you have a company sponsor or if your team is with your township or school district’s athletic club, they may want you to wear their specific colors or add a company logo to jerseys.

There’s just a certain feeling your team gets by sporting custom hockey jerseys rather than oversized old T-shirts with hand-stenciled writing on them, or used jerseys from the previous seasons or now-defunct teams that no longer play. And sometimes the jerseys themselves add to a certain attitude and pride out on the ice, especially when you’re a new team entering the league.