Finding a Derek Jeter Jersey

After winning another World Series Derek Jeter has become a huge hit again. He has always been popular, but since the Yankees have struggled some lately people kind of forgot about him. Well, they should not have. He is a ten time all star and has won four World Series Championships. Now that he is in the news again finding a Derek Jeter jersey can be hard.

The first place I like to look is eBay. They have many sports jerseys on sale. While they may be used, they can be washed and are just like new again. You will save money buying used so it is worth the little wear you will already have on the uniform.

Another place I like to look for to find cheap jerseys is the local thrift shop. Many people drop off their kids old stuff and do not even look at it. You can find great bargains here so be sure to check often. I thrifty shopper will snatch up any good deal if they see it there.

A cheap jersey can also be found at garage sales. Many times parents clean out all the old sports gear and list it for sale. This is a time to offer just a fraction of what the original cost of the item was. Most people are happy just to get rid of it so bid low.

Overall finding a Derek Jeter jersey should not be too hard, but you may have to pay a premium since he is such a great player.